Wednesday, December 07, 2005

First Frost

Dear Joan,

Thanks for your letter of the 3rd. In this country we hardly ever have any snow worth talking about till January, or later. [...] We had our first frost last night--this morning the lawns are all grey, with a pale, bright sunshine on them: wonderfully beautiful. And somehow exciting. The first beginning of the winter always excites me; it makes me want adventures. I expect our autumn has gentler colours than your fall and it goes far slower. The trees, especially beeches, keep their leaves for weeks & weeks after they have begun to change colour, turning from yellow to gold; from gold to flame-colour.

I never knew a guinea-pig that took any notice of humans (they take plenty of one another). Of those small animals I think Hamsters are the most amusing--. And, to tell you the truth, I'm still fond of mice. But the guinea pigs go well with your learning German. If they talked, I'm sure that is the language that they'd speak.

Yours ever

C.S. Lewis

~Letters to Children, letter of October 16, 1955

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