Friday, October 22, 2004

No Time

The second enemy [of the scholar in war-time] is frustration--the feeling that we shall not have time to finish. If I say to you that no one has time to finish, that the longest human life leaves a man, in any branch of learning, a beginner, I shall seem to you to be saying something quite academic and theoretical. You would be surprised if you knew how soon one begins to feel the shortness of the tether, of how many things, even in middle life, we have to say "No time for that," "Too late now," and "Not for me." But Nature herself forbids you to share that experience. A more Christian attitude, which can be attained at any age, is that of leaving futurity in God's hands. We may as well, for God will certainly retain it whether we leave it to Him or not. Never, in peace or war, commit your virtue or your happiness to the future. Happy work is best done by the man who takes his long-term plans somewhat lightly and works from moment to moment "as to the Lord." It is only our daily bread that we are encouraged to ask for. The present is the only time in which any duty can be done or any grace received.
~C.S. Lewis, "Learning in War-Time", The Weight of Glory (1st pub. 1949)

On this day:

1939 Lewis preaches "Learning in War-Time" at Evensong in Oxford University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

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At Fri Oct 22, 05:30:00 AM EST, Blogger Arevanye said...

For anyone who is wondering exactly what the "Evensong" service includes, here is a nice explanation.

Also, here is the University Church website. Looks like a beautiful church.


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