Monday, October 03, 2005

Breakfast! Better than talking.

"Come on, then, come on," said the Dwarf, at once throwing his thick little arms round Shasta's waist to support him. "Why, neighbors, we ought all to be ashamed of ourselves! You come with me, lad. Breakfast! Better than talking."

With a great deal of bustle, muttering reproaches to itself, the Dwarf half led and half supported Shasta at a great speed further into the wood and a little downhill. It was a longer walk than Shasta had wanted at that moment and his legs had begun to feel very shaky before they came out from the trees onto bare hillside. There they found a little house with a smoking chimney and an open door, and as they came to the doorway Duffle called out:

"Hey, brothers! A visitor for breakfast."

And immediately, mixed with a sizzling sound, there came to Shasta a simply delightful smell. It was one he had never smelled before, but I hope you have. It was, in fact, the smell of bacon and eggs and mushrooms all frying in a pan.

"Mind your head, lad," said Duffle a moment too late, for Shasta had already bashed his forehead against the low lintel of the door. "Now," continued the Dwarf, "sit you down. The table's a bit low for you, but then the stool's low too. That's right. And here's porridge--and here's a jug of cream--and here's a spoon."

By the time Shasta had finished his porridge, the Dwarf's two brothers (whose names were Rogin and Bricklethumb) were putting the dish of bacon and eggs and mushrooms, and the coffeepot and the hot milk, and the toast on the table.

It was all new and wonderful to Shasta for Calormene food is quite different. He didn't even know what the slices of brown stuff were, for he had never seen toast before. He didn't know what the yellow soft thin they smeared on the toast was, because in Calormen you nearly always get oil instead of butter.[...] It was also rather troublesome having to use dwarf cups and plates and knives and forks. This meant that helpings were very small, but then there were a great many helpings, so that Shasta's plate or cup was being filled every moment, and every moment the Dwarfs themselves were saying, "Butter, please," or "Another cup of coffee," or "I'd like a few more mushrooms," or "What about frying another egg or so?" And when at last they had all eaten as much as they possibly could the three Dwarfs drew lots for who would do the washing-up, and Rogin was the unlucky one.
~C.S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy (1954)

Note to the blog: I'm sorry that I'm getting this up rather later in the day than Arevanye usually does. I got home to my breakfast late today and this seemed apt.

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At Mon Oct 03, 02:01:00 PM EST, Blogger MrKimi said...

No worries about the posting time for me, I am sooo many time zones away.
Well, off to breakfast I think....

At Mon Oct 03, 05:59:00 PM EST, Anonymous Nan said...

Thankyou Bob. for sending that lovely breakfast with its delicious aromas and tastes and comfort and good cheer. Aren't there a lot of great meals in the Narnia stories ! There's the one in the Beavers' House, and in Mr. Tumnus', and so many more. "Lo, here is felawschipe ..."

It's just past breakfast time here(we're already on Daylight Saving Time) - Nan.

"Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb"

At Tue Oct 04, 10:15:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats it! I'm going to make toast

At Tue Oct 11, 04:33:00 PM EST, Blogger Martin LaBar said...

On your Oct 3 post, I think either you or C. S. L. meant "thick," not "think," in the first line of the post.



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