Friday, November 18, 2005

Doubting Dwarves

"You must think we're blooming soft in the head, that you must," said Griffle. "We've been taken in once and now you expect us to be taken in again the next minute. We've no more use for stories about Aslan, see! Look at him! An old moke* with long ears!"

"By heaven, you make me mad," said Tirian. "Which of us said that was Aslan? That is the Ape's imitation of the real Aslan. Can't you understand?"

"And you've got a better imitation, I suppose!" said Griffle. "No thanks. We've been fooled once and we're not going to be fooled again."

"I have not," said Tirian angrily, "I serve the real Aslan."

"Where's he? Who's he? Show him to us!" said several Dwarfs.

"Do you think I keep him in my wallet, fools?" said Tirian. "Who am I that I could make Aslan appear at my bidding? He's not a tame lion."

The moment those words were out of his mouth he realized that he had made a false move. The Dwarfs at once began repeating "not a tame lion, not a tame lion," in a jeering sing-song.

"That's what the other lot kept on telling us," said one.

"Do you mean you don't believe in the real Aslan?" said Jill. "But I've seen him. And he has sent us two here out of a different world."

"Ah," said Griffle with a broad smile. "So you say. They've taught you your stuff all right. Saying your lessons, ain't you?"

"Churl," cried Tirian, "will you give a lady the lie to her very face?"

"You keep a civil tongue in your head, Mister," replied the Dwarf. "I don't think we want any more Kings - if you are Tirian, which you don't look like him - no more than we want any Aslans. We're going to look after ourselves from now on and touch our caps to nobody. See?"

"That's right," said the other Dwarfs. "We're on our own now. No more Aslan, no more Kings, no more silly stories about other worlds. The Dwarfs are for the Dwarfs." And they began to fall into their places and to get ready for marching back to wherever they had come from.
~C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle, (1956)

*British slang for "donkey"

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At Fri Nov 18, 06:33:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'good news from a far country'
Nan here -- I'd thought my first special joy of finding Narnia could never be re-captured - but just now reading here, it came back again. Is that perhaps because my own 'last battle' may be coming near?
Thankyou for all your sendings.

This morning I've been reading some comments elsewhere - someone anticipating the coming of the Narnia movie........people are saying "I can't wait to see it!" &c. (of course, 'waiting' is what they're already doing !) - I'm so blest that all the Narnia books were available to me so long ago - and I don't really want to see a movie of them. Good for those who would never read the stories though.

At Sun Nov 20, 07:54:00 PM EST, Blogger feels good b n FREE said...


At Mon Nov 21, 11:49:00 PM EST, Blogger victim.of.the.fall said...

i had the blessing of discovering Narnia only a few months ago and have loved every one of them. I am excited about the movie, I just pray that it stays true to the story.
Many blessings:)

At Tue Nov 22, 07:57:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nan here.

".........because it was so beautiful it set me longing, always longing. Somewhere else there must be more of it. Everything seemed to be saying........come!........... ...........
I felt like a bird in a cage when the other birds of its kind are flying home."

"....there came as if it were a voice -- no words, but if you made it into words it would be, "Why should your heart not dance?....."

from C S Lewis' 'Till we have Faces'


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