Friday, January 20, 2006

There Was a Boy Called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and He Almost Deserved It.

"7 August. Have now been twenty-four hours on this ghastly boat if it isn't a dream. All the time a frightful storm has been raging (it's a good thing I'm not seasick). Huge waves keep coming in over the front and I have seen the boat nearly go under any number of times. All the others pretend to take no notice of this, either from swank or because Harold says one of the most cowardly things ordinary people do is to shut their eyes to Facts. It's madness to come out into the sea in a rotten little thing like this. Not much bigger than a lifeboat. And, of course, absolutely primitive indoors. No proper saloon, no radio, no bathrooms, no deck-chairs. I was dragged all over it yesterday evening and it would make anyone sick to hear Caspian showing off his funny little toy boat as if it was the Queen Mary. I tried to tell him what real ships are like, but he's too dense. E. and L., o f course, didn't back me up. I suppose a kid like L. doesn't realize the danger and E. is buttering up C. as everyone does here. They call him a King. I said I was a Republican but he had to ask me what that meant! He doesn't seem to know anything at all. Needless to say I've been put in the worst cabin of the boat, a perfect dungeon, and Lucy has been given a whole room on deck to herself, almost a nice room compared with the rest of this place. C. says that's because she's a girl. I tried to make him see what Alberta says, that all that sort of thing is really lowering girls but he was too dense. Still, he might see that I shall be ill if I'm kept in that hole any longer. E. says we mustn't grumble because C. is sharing it with us himself to make room for L. As if that didn't make it more crowded and far worse. Nearly forgot to say that there is also a kind of Mouse thing that gives everyone the most frightful cheek. The others can put up with it if they like but I shall twist his tail pretty soon if he tries it on me. The food is frightful too."
~C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, (1952)

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At Tue Jan 24, 08:31:00 AM EST, Blogger Lynn Green said...

I was pleased to stumble on this blog. I did my MA thesis on C.S. Lewis. I hope that the success of "The Lion" will encourage the movie's producers to go ahead and do more of "The Chronicles". Personally, I am anxious to see "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" on film. That book has always been my favorite.

At Sun Jan 29, 08:58:00 AM EST, Blogger Martin LaBar said...

I've been missing your work for a week or so!

At Sun Apr 09, 03:42:00 PM EDT, Blogger Aslan said...

I'm going to soon read "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader".I just need a few pages left of Prince Caspian.I also liked The Magician's Nephew.

At Sun Apr 09, 03:51:00 PM EDT, Blogger Aslan said...

I read almost all of your books.I hope soon you can make another book.But I know it takes a really long time to do a chapter book.I'm doing a book,too.But I bet it won't be as good as yours.I read up to 4 of them,but I think The Lion,The Witch,and the Wardrobe is my favourite.If you DO make another book,I hope you put Aslan in it.He's my favourite character.


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