Thursday, September 09, 2004

Cats and Dogs

"We were talking about cats and dogs the other day and decided that both have consciences but the dog, being an honest, humble person, always has a bad one, but the cat is a Pharisee and always has a good one. When he sits and stares you out of countenance he is thanking God that he is not as these dogs, or these humans, or even as these other cats!"
--Letters to an American Lady, (Mary Willis Shelburne, March 21, 1955) p. 40

Pippin and Merry keep Scott company on the shelf where the family photos
used to be kept...

Note to visitors: Busy weekend ahead--next update will be Monday. Thanks for reading!

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At Sat Sep 11, 01:21:00 PM EST, Blogger jesusandME said...

Mmm.. Pharisees. Someone once told me we spend our entire lives learning to be less Pharisee and more Disciple. I'd say I'm at least 60% Pharisee.

Does that make me a cat person?


Have a good weekend. Don't forget to let us know how it went with you-know-who!



At Sun Sep 12, 04:39:00 PM EST, Blogger Arevanye said...

Is no one going to comment on the utter adorable-ness of my sleeping beauties?? ;-)

In my experience with cats, when they sit and stare you "out of countenance", they are thinking more along the lines of "Human, my humble servant, will you be feeding me soon? Will you be letting me out the door at my convenience? Will you not admire and praise my beautiful self?" Whereas dogs are thinking the same things, but more in the tone of "Please, pleeease notice me, feed me, pet me--I'm your humble servant and I love you so!!" And when a cat is looking at the dog, he is thinking "Good heavens, show a little dignity my good man!"

At Sun Sep 12, 09:59:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really, now?

My dogs are more like Pharisees (you can see a picture of Dusty on my blog, I'll get one of Howie up one day), but I think Dusty is more of a cat anyway. And Howie only really cares about Mom. When she comes home from work, he literally thows himself at her and buries his chin in her lip. To the rest of us, he's kind of like, "Walk me and feed me. You really bore me." If we lived in the siburbs, or had a townhouse with a courtyard, I'm sure we'd let them out all day, but alas...

Dusty is more like a cat anyway. He just sleeps all day and sometimes he sleeps with hus tum in the air and his legs all spread out (but right now he's sleeping on his side; I don't know where Howard went).

ANYWAY, to try to keep this as on topic as possible, I think Jack was more of a dog person anyway.

And yes, your cats are lovely, but remember dog is "God" spelled backwards. ;)


At Mon Sep 13, 01:41:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandi- is Dusty a shih tzu?


At Mon Sep 13, 10:59:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dustin" is a lhaso apso. He had just had a haircut when that picture was taken. :) (His hair's grown back a little.)

Heehee, their nicknames are Dustin and Howard but their real names are Dusty and Howie. How ironic. (I don't think Dusty was named Dusty for Dustin but he answers to it anyway, when he choses to answer at all, and in that respect he is very much like a cat.)


At Mon Sep 13, 12:21:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah...I used to have two lasapsos (however you spell that!) and one shih tzu. They were dumb as a post, but loved 'em. My friend used to say they were cats, too small to be dogs.


At Mon Sep 13, 03:57:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hah! My cat is exactly like this. I always get the feeling when he looks at me that he's thinking, "I feel so sorry for you. You're not me." :)

Becky / Anamire

At Mon Sep 13, 07:06:00 PM EST, Blogger Arevanye said...

Hi Anamire!

Nice to see you made it over here! Don't be a stranger...

At Mon Sep 13, 09:05:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are we talking about our pets all of a sudden? ^^;

Dusty isn't that dumb. He plays dumb sometimes, doesn't always come when you call (because he's stubborn). but he's really quite shrewd. Howie is paranoid and really smart (but that's probably because he's part poodle and/or terrier).

At Mon Sep 13, 09:20:00 PM EST, Blogger Arevanye said...

Well, that's how these things are supposed to work, I think! I post something, which stimulates discussion. ;-)

It doesn't always have to be serious, does it?

Also, all you "anonymous" users--why not get an account so we know who is posting!

At Tue Sep 14, 07:50:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because I have a livejournal and I don't feel like getting another account. ;) (guess who this is? guess who this is?)


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