Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Something Beyond

I think all Christians would agree with me if I said that though Christianity seems at the first to be all about morality, all about duties and rules and guilt and virtue, yet it leads you on, out of all that, into something beyond. One has a glimpse of a country where they do not talk of those things, except perhaps as a joke. Every one there is filled full with what we should call goodness as a mirror is filled with light. But they do not call it goodness. They do not call it anything. They are not thinking of it. They are too busy looking at the source from which it comes. But this is near the stage where the road passes over the rim of our world. No one's eyes can see very far beyond that: lots of people's eyes can see further than mine.
~C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (1952)

On this day:

1951 Janie King Moore (Mrs. Moore) dies at the age of seventy-eight in Oxford and is buried at Holy Trinity Church in Headington Quarry, Oxford. Mrs. Moore (the mother of Lewis's army buddy Paddy Moore) and her daughter Maureen come under Lewis's care after Paddy's death in World War I.

Note to readers: I will not be blogging for the next few days, as I'll be attending The One Ring Celebration in Pasadena, CA. Back next week! ~ 'Revie

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At Wed Jan 12, 03:15:00 PM EST, Blogger Sandicomm said...

Have fun at ORC!

I think the "land beyond" that Lewis talks about is not just the "goal" of Christianity, but of any religion. Religion itself is nothing to what people seek through it: serenity.


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