Saturday, February 19, 2005

Like, But Not Exactly Like

Dear Patricia,

All your points are in a sense right. But I'm not exactly "representing" the real (Christian) story in symbols. I'm more saying "Suppose there were a world like Narnia and it needed rescuing and the Son of God (or the 'Great Emperor oversea') went to redeem it, as He came to redeem ours, what might it, in that world, all have been like?" Perhaps it comes to much the same thing as you thought, but not quite.

1. The creation of Narnia is the Son of God creating a world (not specially our world).
2. Jadis plucking the apple is, like Adam's sin, an act of disobedience, but it doesn't fill the same place in her life as his plucking did in his. She was already fallen (very much so) before she ate it.
3. The stone table is meant to remind one of Moses' table.
4. The Passion and Resurrection of Aslan are the Passion and Resurrection Christ might be supposed to have had in that world--like those in our world but not exactly like.
5. Edmund is like Judas a sneak and traitor. But unlike Judas he repents and is forgiven (as Judas no doubt would have been if he'd repented).
6. Yes. At the very edge of the Narnia world Aslan begins to appear more like Christ as He is known in this world. Hence the Lamb. Hence, the breakfast--like at the end of St. John's Gospel. does not He say "You have been allowed to know me in this world (Narnia) so that you may know me better when you get back to your own"?
7. And of course the Ape and Puzzle, just before the last Judgement (in the Last Battle) are like the coming of Antichrist before the end of our world.

All clear?

I'm so glad you like the books.

Yours sincerely
C. S. Lewis
~Letters to Children, Letter to Patricia (13 years old) in Surrey, 8 June 1960

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At Sat Feb 19, 05:37:00 AM EST, Blogger Arevanye said...

Cutest lamb pic ever, huh? His name is Clover and he lives at an animal rescue farm in Maryland, USA.

That's what you get with a girl running the blog, folks. Cute baby animal pics. ;-)

At Sat Feb 19, 03:27:00 PM EST, Anonymous Joelle said...

I love the "Letters to Children" book, he didn't give any of kids who wrote him short answers, everything was long and clear and obvious that he cared.

At Sun Feb 20, 11:45:00 PM EST, Blogger Anamire said...

I was just wondering, did Lewis get letters from younger children? And if so, we his responses shorter and more concise for them?

At Wed Feb 23, 07:01:00 PM EST, Blogger Arevanye said...

Sorry I missed your question earlier, Anamire.

I think he was pretty good about tailoring the answer to fit the age of the writer. Some of his letters to children are quite short.


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