Sunday, February 11, 2007

All You Have Heard About Old Narnia

Caspian looked up at him, but the Doctor's hood concealed most of his face.

"The virtue of this tower," said Doctor Cornelius, "is that we have six empty rooms beneath us, and a long stair, and the door at the bottom of the stair is locked. We cannot be overheard."

"Are you going to tell me what you wouldn't tell me the other day?" said Caspian.

"I am," said the Doctor. "But remember. You and I must never talk about these things except here - on the very top of the Great Tower."

"No. That's a promise," said Caspian. "But do go on, please."

"Listen," said the Doctor. "All you have heard about Old Narnia is true. It is not the land of Men. It is the country of Aslan, the country of the Waking Trees and Visible Naiads, of Fauns and Satyrs, of Dwarfs and Giants, of the gods and the Centaurs, of Talking Beasts. It was against these that the first Caspian fought. It is you Telmarines who silenced the beasts and the trees and the fountains, and who killed and drove away the Dwarfs and Fauns, and are now trying to cover up even the memory of them. The King does not allow them to be spoken of."

"Oh, I do wish we hadn't," said Caspian. "And I am glad it was all true, even if it is all over."

"Many of your race wish that in secret," said Doctor Cornelius.

"But, Doctor," said Caspian, "why do you say my race? After all, I suppose you're a Telmarine too."

"Am I?" said the Doctor.

~C. S. Lewis, Prince Caspian (1951)

Note to the blog: I want to thank you for your patience with the lack of posts. My life has changed in many ways since we moved to Georgia, but I find myself missing my daily C.S. Lewis. I plan to start blogging again, but posts will be much more sporadic and subject to my schedule, which is now spent most of the day away from a computer. My best wishes to everyone who gets The Window LiveJournal feed and RSS feed.

Link of the day: movie concept art for Prince Caspian (Telmarine Castle)

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At Sun Feb 11, 04:35:00 PM EST, Blogger Bob said...

Huzzah! You're back! Been waiting a long time for a new post to appear in this feed.

At Sun Feb 11, 05:47:00 PM EST, Blogger Martin LaBar said...

Welcome back! I'm glad I kept your blog in my Bloglines page!

At Sun Feb 11, 10:19:00 PM EST, Blogger Joelle said...

Yay, the Windows back!

At Tue Feb 13, 02:42:00 PM EST, Blogger eric said...

Glad you're back. Thanks for continuing to post. It's much appreciated.

At Mon Feb 19, 06:24:00 AM EST, Blogger laur said...

greetings all the way from singapore! I found your page a year back and I'm so glad you're posting again, this site has watered my soul, just by reading!

At Tue Feb 20, 03:56:00 PM EST, Blogger Arevanye said...

Thank you, everyone for the welcome back. I'll do my best to keep the posts coming!


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