Thursday, February 24, 2005


"Don't you like a rather foggy day in a wood in autumn? You'll find we shall be perfectly warm sitting in the car."

Jane said she'd never heard of anyone liking fogs before but she didn't mind trying. All three got in.

"That's why Camilla and I got married, " said Denniston as they drove off. "We both like Weather. Not this or that kind of weather, but just Weather. It's a useful taste if one lives in England."

"How ever did you learn to do that, Mr. Denniston?" said Jane. "I don't think I should ever learn to like rain and snow."

"It's the other way around," said Denniston. "Everyone begins as a child by liking Weather. You learn the art of disliking it is you grown up. Noticed it on a snowy day? The grown-ups are all going about with long faces, but look at the children - and the dogs? They know what snow's made for."

"I'm sure I hated wet days as a child," said Jane.

"That's because the grown-ups kept you in," said Camilla. "Any child loves rain if allowed to go out and paddle about in it."
~C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength, Chapter 5 "Elasticity" (1946)

On this day:

1943 Lewis delivers the first of three Riddell Memorial lectures, later published as The Abolition of Man.

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At Fri Feb 25, 12:35:00 AM EST, Blogger Bob said...

So, so true! I love rain, fog is magical and snow is the best. I prefer precipitation and clouds and things to days that are just sunny and clear. Once again, however, Lewis presents a way of thinking about this that had never occurred to me.


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